Getting started with Fast Ergs

Welcome to Fast Ergs! We're glad you're serious about tracking and improving your erg scores. This is an introduction to the functionality and tutorial on how to start getting value out of tracking erg scores.

Creating a new erg

An erg tracker doesn't do much good without any erg scores! You can start off by creating one here.

- Give it a descriptive title so you know at a glance what erg it is, like "Spring 2k #3" or "30 minute test #1".

- Next, select the Date field. You'll get a popup to select the date the erg was pulled.

- The "Erg Type" field refers to what kind of workout it is - for example, 6k.

- Enter the number of pieces in the workout. A single 6k would have 1. A 3x2k would have 3.

- The "Fixed Distance" checkbox should start out checked. Leave it if you're doing a fixed-distance test, like a 2k. Uncheck it if you are doing a fixed-time test, like a 30-minute test.

- In the Total field, put the number of seconds or meters in the test. A 2k would be 2000 (meters), and a 10 minute test would be 600 (seconds).

- Don't worry if you need to change something - you can edit it later.

Adding scores to an erg

- Once you've created an erg, you need to give it some data. After you click Save in the Create Erg screen, you'll be taken to a page where you can enter your scores.

- Enter a rower's name and scores, one per line.

- Scores can be separated by spaces or commas. For meters, just enter the number. For times, use the format 12:34.5. Don't worry about entering splits or the order of rowers, we handle that automatically for you.

- When all your scores are entered, hit Save at the bottom of the screen.

- If you accidentally enter too many rows, you can delete that data by checking the "Delete" box on that row and hitting Save at the bottom of the screen.

Viewing an erg

Now you'll be taken to the erg you just created. PR's are highlighted automatically. Note in the upper right the percentage of rowers that PR'd on this test is calculated for you.

- If you want to share scores with athletes or other coaches, click on the "Share" button on an erg's page. You'll get a link you can paste into email or click to see yourself what others will see when you share it.

- People you give the link can only view the erg - they can't edit or see other ergs.

- You can disable sharing at any time - just click the "Disable sharing" button.

Searching for scores

Fast Ergs lets you search for scores in a variety of ways. Your most recent ergs are always shown on your dashboard.

- You can view a list of all your ergs here. They're broken down by most recent, erg type, and your entire history.

- To view more about a particular erg type, click on it. You'll be shown all the times you've done that workout, and the all-time top scores for it as well.

- To search for a particular erg, click Search.

Viewing detailed data

There are more advanced features available to teams. You can view detailed data on individual rowers, or the team in aggregate.

- Your dashboard shows training volume for the past week, month, and 6 months. Meters for timed tests are counted by the best score for that workout.

- Your team's roster can be viewed by clicking "Team Roster" on your dashboard.

- Clicking a rower's name on the roster or in any erg page takes you to their result summary. A rower's page shows the ergs they've done, scores, and you can click through to view their all-time PRs.

- You can view the list of all-time best scores for each erg type here., or by clicking "All-time records" on your dashboard.

- To search for a particular erg, click Search.

What now?

Keep entering your scores! As you complete more erg tests, you will have a larger volume of data to look back on. You will start to notice things like how many tests it takes to max out PR%, or improvement from the beginning of the season to the end.

- Shoot for entering at least 2 of the same erg type. This will let you see who PRs, how much they improve, and where you can get improvement still.

- Still stuck? Questions getting started? Shoot us an email. I'll get back to you as soon as I can.

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